At the end of the year (Baby Class) Parents should expect the child to be proficient in speaking English, blending and reading all 3 and 5 letter words with a single vowel in-between. Children will be able to recognize colours, shapes and numbers, identify family members, important places like, church, mosque, shops, school, hospital etc. Children learn to take care for themselves there by dressing and undressing, washing hands after eating and using toilet, identify all things in the house, garden tool and most of the things in the surrounding.
At the end of 1 year the child’s confidence and self esteem are too high. Children will never be shy whenever they are picked or asked to participate in a group of people.
At the end of 2 years (Middle class) Parents should expect children to be highly confident with a highly self esteem. At this stage children are able to read all story books for kindergarten level.
After finishing Top class the child is just amazingly ready for all academic challenges and he or she can do and pass interviews for the school of the parent’s choice.

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